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Award for best idea in the category: “Long term energy potential” goes to EnviDan
Aarhus Water wishes to expand Egaa WWTP to achive the best possible energy effic...
EnviDan will pave the way in South East Asia
The Danish environmental company EnviDan has won the tender for establishing and...


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EnviDan is an engineering company that specializes in the field of wastewater treatment

EnviDan can handle entire projects from planning, design and establishment to operation of the finished plant, and our services can according to clients wishes and requirements consist of everything from individual components to complete turn-key solutions.


 Create value with EMARsystemsTM

We offer a well-documented concept with the EMARsystemsTM

A cost-effective solution, with long term reliability and value.

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 Great success with the ARP-process

EnviDan has great success implemeting the Active Return sludge Process in WWTP's both in Denmark and abroad.

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